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Things to Have in your Bar this Spring

Please drink responsibly, and follow any regulations in your area. 

Springtime is the time for beautiful, fresh flavours, and why should your drinks be any different? Here are a couple of floral, botanical and flavoured drinks to try this spring!

Botanical Gins

Gin is my personal spring-time favourite liquor. Use it to make a simple gin and tonic, a classic martini, or a more complex Singapore sling, gin is wonderful alcohol with a fresh, botanical taste. If you’re looking for something a little showy, Empress gin is my favourite. It’s a classic juniper gin, but what really makes it stand out is the colour: its deep purple hue is naturally created using butterfly pea flower extract. It also makes it an acid-base indicator: add a little lemon or lime, and it will change your drink to pretty pink colour. If you’re looking for a gin that tastes a little more different, there are many different flavoured gins to choose from: a bright blood orange, a delicate blueberry, or a tart Sicilian lemon-flavoured gin all have different notes and can be used in a variety of fresh cocktails at home this spring. 

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Flavoured Vodkas

Flavoured vodkas are a popular way to consume alcohol while lessening the sting of liquor. Pink Whitney took the university scene by storm last year, and for a good reason: it’s sweet, it’s named after a popular hockey player, it has great branding, and it’s good enough to drink on its own (although I wouldn’t recommend it). You can try it in a spiked flavoured lemonade, or straight-up with soda water. If you’re looking for someone a little more subtle, try a pear-flavoured vodka: it has lighter notes than many other flavoured vodkas, but is still a little sweeter and easier to drink than unflavoured vodkas. Other non-traditional vodka flavours, such as botanical peach and orange blossom, can also be a fun, spring twist on drinks you might already be familiar with. Try either vodka in a Moscow mule, or make a non-traditional martini to highlight the full flavour of the vodka. 

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Garden-Fresh Coolers

Many new coolers are using flowers and herbs as flavourings. They give a bright, refreshing note to drinks, which is especially welcome in the springtime. If you like floral notes, this spiked rose-flavoured pink lemonade tastes like you’re eating a garden (in the best way possible). If you prefer more herbal notes, a grilled pineapple rosemary vodka soda or mint and basil cider might interest you more. If you’re more a DIY gal, making a homemade infused simple syrup can elevate various simple cocktails. Just boil equal parts sugar and water with whatever herbs or spices you like, and use it in drinks to add a little herbal sweetness to your citrus cocktails for something that seems a lot fancier than it really is. 

Fruity Drinks
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International Liquors

Just because you can’t travel yet doesn’t mean your taste buds can’t. If you’re looking for something South American, try cachaça, a fermented sugarcane liquor similar to rum. Try it in a Caipirinha, Brazil’s national drink, by muddling lime and sugar, adding ice and cachaça.

If you want something more European, try Italian aperitifs, such as a bitter Campari, or for something sweeter, Aperol. These are staples in many different classic cocktails, such as negronis, spritzes and a non-traditional old-fashioned. For something with more Asian influences, try a dry sake from Japan, or a sweeter Korean soju. You can drink them straight up, as both have a lower alcohol content than most other liquors, make a lemon-drop cocktail, or mix with sparkling cider. Or if you want to really immerse yourself in Korean culture, make a Yakult Soju, a popular cocktail using soju, drinkable yogurt and soda. 


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