Stuck at Home? Learn These Healthy Habits.

There’s no denying these are trying times we’re all currently going through. Many of us have moved back home and are trying to figure out routines after living on our own. Personally, I am finally just adjusting to living at home again. While change can be scary, I found dedicating myself to adopting these healthy habits have helped me establish a routine and gain a sense of normalcy. Some are simple, some may take time to incorporate, but they all contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. 1. Drink More Water.

    Simply put, water is good for you in so many different ways. Rather it keeps you hydrated, your skin glowing or keeping those terrible headaches away. Drink water and see the positive results arise.

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  2. 2. Do Not Skip Breakfast.

    Your mom wasn’t lying when she said it was the most important meal of the day. 

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  3. 3. Spend an Hour a Day off of Technology and Practice the Art of Thinking and Self-Reflection.

    Try journaling about how you are feeling, by doing this it can help you process your thoughts and what is currently happening around you.

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  4. 4. Experiment with Cooking. 

    While I still enjoy a reliable and tasty frozen pizza, I am committed to cooking at least one meal a day from scratch. 

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  5. 5. Always Have a Book Ongoing.

    I find reading stimulates your mind in the most positive ways. 

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  6. 6. Maintain Physical Activity.

    Whether it is at home workouts or walks, physical activity is a huge component in physical and mental health.

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  7. 7. Practice Budgeting.

    Money stress is the worst, ease this by forming a budget to ensure you are on top of your finances. 

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  8. 8. Make Your Bed Every Morning.

    It is a simple act that will make getting into bed at night even more sweeter, and it will help to start your day productively.

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  9. 9. Focus on Your Posture.

    Keeping a good posture encourages confidence and in a way brightens your mood. When you’re slumped over it does not instill the will to do anything productive.

  10. 10. Compliment Yourself.

    Be kind to yourself, you deserve admiration too. Every day, a new self-affirmation.

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  11. 11. Everything in Moderation.

    Do what you need to do to get through the day. There will be days that you are super productive and other days where you will simply want to relax. Both of these options are okay and expected during these uncertain times. 

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  12. 12. Set Daily Goals, and Write Them Down.

    By making daily goals, you are in turn making yourself accountable for the day. This could help with keeping track of what you want to accomplish and set a routine.

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  13. 13. Stay Connected with Friends and Family. 

    This one is especially important during social distancing, keeping physical distance does not mean we have to be alone. Stay in contact with the people who bring joy to your life. 

  14. 14. Get 8 Hours of Sleep.

    Try your best to not over or under sleep. This could make you feel sluggish and not want to do anything throughout the day but be in bed.

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  15. 15. Designate Time to Work and then Put it Away For Good. 

    With work and school being at home now it is even more important to maintain separation. By maintaining a routine and setting work goals you will be able to finish your tasks. Once you are finished, allow yourself to leave work and go home, and enjoy yourself before work tomorrow. 

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