My Father

In honour of Movember, I would like to talk about my father- my hero and role-model. My dad is an amazing, kind and generous person who devoted his entire life in seeing my siblings and I grow comfortably, and happily. He traveled to a myriad of places searching for jobs that could earn him an honourable and decent living. He did that to support his ailing father, and to pay for his 3 younger siblings’ education (private highschools and postsecondary education). He sacrificed his own happiness to make sure his family was happy. My father is the most selfless man I have ever known, and has instilled in me morals and values that are honestly worth more than gold.

Moreover, he has pushed me and my younger siblings to be the best at what we do. He once again sacrificed his entire lifetime, firstly serving his parents and siblings, and then my mother and the children they had together. He ensured to provide us with everything we had ever wanted, craved and needed. He enrolled us in private education to enhance our learning outcomes, and made education top-priority. Even now, I’m a 20 year old Queen's student and my dad still insists he help with my payments so that I don’t spread myself too thin with work and school. My father is the ultimate reason I currently write for HerCampus; and will be the one I thank if I pursue a career in writing.

When I was younger, I loved to read. I’d read numerous books a week, challenging myself continuously. I read so much that my typical punishment growing up, was being stripped of my novel at hand whenever I relented to go to bed. Moreover, in reading ever so often, I had developed a longing to publish my own book. And so every night after school, I would set to writing a “short-story” would print it and wait for my dad to get home from work. Upon his arrival, with glee barely contained within my small body and my “story” crumpled and stained with a day’s play, I would proceed to show my dad my brilliance. He would read it, and tell me it was great; except he never lied to me, he told me I could improve and one day will be author to the world’s greatest book. He would tell me to keep at it; work hard, write with love and one day I will have written the greatest novel that he would personally get published for me. His unshakable pride, and irrevocable belief pushed me to be the person I am today. And when I started drawing, he saw my children’s novel published and in hand- illustrations and story by none other than his author of a daughter. And so, for my father, I am thankful. His pride, belief, love, support, faith and guidance have paved a path of excellence and great opportunities. Alas, my dad is my hero whom I love and adore and will spend forever trying to thank him for all that he has done, continues to do and will do for me.