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Let’s Talk About Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year: the days are longer, birds are chirping, trees are greener, and spring has arrived. With this wonderful change in seasons comes a controversial activity, spring cleaning. Whether you love it or hate it, I have concluded spring cleaning is the best way to start the season because you’re doing something for yourself. A few years ago, I was the person who kept my high school Halloween costumes just in case I wanted to wear it again and would keep my childhood toys because of the happiness they had once brought me. While in the moment I thought these were smart decisions, I was finding myself in a cluttered room with a cluttered mind. It was because of this my new years resolution became to participate in spring cleaning. After two days and a few small breaks, I had donated six bags of clothes and so many items which did not add to my life. This purge created a huge energy shift in my room, I felt calmer and more organized. Spring cleaning is a tedious but worthwhile activity to make a yearly commitment too, especially if you are feeling in a rut. A quick google search will show the research supporting cleaning your environment for wellness and mental and emotional health. Your space can reflect your mental health. In my experience, by removing the things in my space that took up unnecessary room it allowed me to open to new things into my life.

Some tactics I use when spring cleaning is asking myself if this item adds a value or brings happiness to my present life. If the answer is no, then I can get rid of it. It is also important not to get caught up in nostalgia. My first year the cleaning process took me days because I spent hours looking through and reminiscing about old notebooks, photos, yearbooks and toys. While keeping one to two items with sentimental value is understandable, trying to “clean out your life” in a nostalgic mind space is counterproductive. Also keep in mind that depending on the length of time since your last spring cleaning, attempting it this year might be overwhelming and time-consuming. To help avoid becoming overwhelmed, try to compartmentalize the room by tackling one area of at a time. With this method you will see progress and the task will seem less daunting. Moreover, try to start and finish cleaning in one period. If you start spring cleaning, then push the rest of the task to the next day there is a possibility you will not return to it. To motivate you, use spring cleaning as an opportunity to do your part and donate the clothes and toys you no longer use. Personally, having a cleaner space improved my happiness and self-esteem. Sometimes I would avoid having friends in my room if it was a mess or I would find myself apologizing for it.  Now feel proud when someone else enters my space, and most importantly when I entre my space it brings me calm and peace. Spring cleaning is a commitment to your long-term happiness, one that I hope helps you this spring season.

Sierra DiMarco

Queen's U '21

Third year Life Sciences student at Queen’s university. Excited to learn, write and grow with Her Campus!
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