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A large number of people these days, myself included, are too caught up in physical appearances. We subconsciously judge people by the way they look, before even getting to know them.

I have always loved the concept behind Humans of New York (HONY). Pages and projects like HONY are truly enlightening and conjure up all my hidden appreciation for the human species. Some of the stories shared on these platforms will inspire you, some will make you cry, some will make you smile, and others will leave you with unanswered questions.

After some digging, I managed to find a few pages that are conceptually similar to HONY, but are specific to Queen’s. Here they are:

Human Crossing

Started by three fourth-year commerce girls, this page shares stories about Queen’s students – how people met their friends, housemates, significant others, or temporary lovers.

Queen’s University Transformations

Also founded by three commerce students, this blog features and celebrates transformations of students and alumni from Queen’s. Rumour has it that they recently published a “Professor Transformations” post. Go check it out; maybe you’ll see a baby photo of your professor!

Humans of Queen’s

Another page created by three commerce students! I’m starting to feel like this might be an assignment for a class… anyhow, this is an amazing page if you want to learn more about some of your fellow schoolmates!

And last but certainly not least:

Campus Cutie

Campus Cutie is a series of articles on Her Campus that features lovely students from campuses all over the world. If you want to view articles specific to Queen’s community members, just click the link above. Go nuts!

Take the time to get to know the people around you. You will soon realize that you are surrounded by amazing individuals and that you can learn so much from all of them.

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