How to Successfully Complete your Freshman Fifteen

As you are underway with all that university has to offer, there comes a series of new responsibilities that include deciding how you will nourish your body during exams, after parties, and even when you’re bored. This goes hand in hand with your decision to go to the ARC, whether it’s today, this week, this month, (or maybe never). If you want to successfully and thoroughly enjoy your freshman fifteen, forget about the ARC (I’ve never heard of her) and start munching away on all of these ten, delicious treats. You never know, if you are devoted enough you might even hit the freshman fifty. So, here are my ten top most delicious treats across campus to help you get started!

10. Loco’s Muffins

These perfectly rectangular muffins come in all of your favorite mixes. They’re just what you may need on a study break at midnight. From double chocolate to caramel swirl, these muffins can give you the sugar high needed to push through for another hour of studying before you crash.

9. Pizza Pizza TAM

Can you imagine a TAM that allows you to get not just one slice of your favourite pizza, but TWO!? You silly frosh probably don’t understand the hype; two slices of Pizza Pizza’s pizza is closer to half a pizza than your regular two slices. So, after you have starved yourself through three back to back classes, head to Pizza Pizza and stuff yourself full.

8. Funky Monkey Booster Juice

Calling this booster juice a “smoothie” is the same as telling my mom I ate all of my vegetables; it’s just a plain lie. This chocolate and banana milkshake is exactly what you’ll need if you made the mistake of going to the gym. After working off enough calories, this is the drink that can work to replenish your body again.

7. Ice Cream from Lazy

Wondering what you can spend your flex money on? Look no further! Ice cream from Lazy is exactly what you’ll need after you’ve finish an exam, studied for at least 15 minutes, and/or you failed a midterm. They have a flavor for your every mood!

6. The Lazy Breakfast

“Would you like some bacon with that grease?” is what you will be asking yourself once you go to Lazy after finally reviving yourself from a night well spent. You might even convince yourself to get something productive done after you’ve had your home fries and eggs just the way you like them.

5. The Meatball Sub from Lazy

This saucy mama is exactly what you’ll need when you have one more meal leftover on your meal plan for the week… Although you’ll probably get a fresh stain on the whitest shirt you own, this sub could last you through lunch AND dinner.

4. Starbucks

You think that your tuition is expensive? Well, I hope that you’ve saved up for your Starbucks because you might have a tough transition if you are already addicted. When you are at Stauffer or Douglas grinding away, don’t worry, Queen’s has strategically placed the campus Starbucks a convenient 30-second walk away!

3. The Four Piece

Tradition starts here. Your four piece consists of not one, not two, not three, but FOUR mighty fine chicken strips with a side of waffle or curly fries. If you do not have this as your usual midnight snack, do you really go to Queen’s?

2. Canadian Grilling Company (CGC) Milkshakes

These milkshakes are a taste of what heaven has to offer. They pair well with one of CGC’s delicious burgers, it’s the perfect mix between sweet and salty!

1. Common Ground (Cogro)’s Red Velvet Cake

Cogro’s cake is so delightful that while you are eating a HUGE slice of it all to yourself and looking across the ARC seeing everyone else exercise, you won’t even feel bad about not working out. This cake works wonders.

Hopefully, this list will inspire you to get working on your freshman fifteen and maybe even take you up to your freshman fifty. Best of luck!