How to Make Your Instagram More Inspiring

Hello amazing people! Today, I want to talk about something that I know takes up a lot of my days and thoughts… Instagram.  I’ll admit it, I have loved Instagram ever since I got it back in 2013 after I begged my parents to let me have an account. I loved the idea of sharing content that makes me happy.  I truly still believe this is what Instagram should be about, but that’s not the case for some people.

It’s easy to fall into the swirling eddy that is full of influencers, models and unrealistic expectations that show up on your explore page.  I found myself back in 2017 comparing myself to these women who obviously photoshopped their photos. The accounts that just have models showing off their designer clothes, flexing their money and fancy cars are accounts I don’t even follow anymore.  Those accounts only share their expensive materialist things, but their account lacks inspiration.  

In my personal opinion, I think that the best Instagram accounts are the ones that evoke change and impact.  I’m 100% positive that everyone reading this right now can name an account that you follow that keeps it real, shares their passion and tells their inspiring stories.  These people are using their platform on Instagram to share content that might inspire others. And sure, if you aspire to have two Teslas and eight Gucci bags, by all means follow those types of accounts, I’m not telling you what to do.  Although, before you follow that model account, think, ‘is this person a good role model and if I follow them, am I going to start comparing myself to them or am I going to be inspired to change for the better?’.  

If you want to make your Instagram more inspiring, here are some tips!

1. Share your passions

No matter what you post, it has to be passionate.  The most authentic posts are the ones that evoke the most change.  Whether that post is a rant about the issues of climate change, sharing your art, poetry, music, or even a post about your puppy that you just went for a run with, that post can possibly create change for a viewer. If you don’t post with passion, you’re just posting for likes, and that is not the main point of Instagram in 2020.  

2. Don’t be afraid to post a lot

Apps upclose on a phoneI think that there is a stigma around posting more than twice in a day or posting a long story.  I think that you can post as much as you want! If Instagram only wanted us to have a posting limit, they would have by now!  So go and post as much content as you want, and if someone doesn’t like it, they will unfollow… their loss anyways!

3. Reach out to accounts that inspire you

Hands holding phoneNow, this could be hit or miss.  I say this because many celebrities have inspiring accounts where they post photos or share stories that are positive and inspirational.  So if you try and slide into a celebrities DM, try to not get your hopes up. What I mean by this tip is to contact a friend who posted something encouraging or a small business who you think is doing powerful work.  A DM does not take too long and could make that person’s day. Good karma is always something to aspire to.  

I hope that from this article you can understand that Instagram is more than just an aesthetic, it can be a place for encouragement and lifting others up.  The second we start comparing yourself to models who photoshop is where your self-esteem plummets. So instead, share, inspire, educate and stop caring about what your followers want to see and start posting for you!  

Live a life you'll remember and don't be afraid to spread your positive impact as much as you can. You never truly know who you currently are impacting.