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How 2020 Should Influence your 2021 Resolutions

2020; unprecedented, socially and politically unnerving, and overall historically significant. The events that shaped this year connected each individual around the world through shared experience making 2020 a year of common reflection. As the year ends and 2021 begins with the promise of a new beginning, resolutions should reflect the resilience and activism that was demonstrated throughout the year.

Socially, this past year transformed the way in which we interact with one another. The loneliness and seclusion from normalcy endangered peoples mental health like never before. Socially distanced visits and even goodbyes were held in the hopes of one day returning to a world where we can feel the embrace of the ones we love, but until then the sacrifices made by people out of respect for a collective action to conquer COVID-19 was a reflection of international resilience. 

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Amidst a viral pandemic people were activists for change when racial injustice was boiling over in America. Sparked by the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of police, The Black Lives Matter Movement initiated a call to action beyond American soil. Furthered by many more losses as a result of unwarranted police brutality towards black Americans the activism demonstrated through protests and public support enacted change and developed important conversations about the intersectionality of police brutality and racial injustice.

[bf_image id="qfuk9i-bjchco-26mf6r"] When thinking of goals for 2021 reflect on the events of the past year. Shaping this new year should be a reflection of the triumphs of the year past. For the frontline workers who strove and continue to strive towards creating healthier and safer communities despite the sacrifices they must make in order to do so, the individuals who kept foodbanks stocked amidst massive unemployment, educators who ensured students would not fall behind, each person that abided by health regulations to prevent the spread of the virus, reflect on the actions of these people in order to strive for compassion in your 2021. For the activists that fought against the violence and injustice of racialized police brutality who protested, pushed conversations, and enacted change, reflect on these peoples actions and how you can contribute to creating a safe space for your peers when shaping your 2021 resolutions.

[bf_image id="h7zwvb5mmm75qvnp6j5gv"] As 2020 ends and 2021 brings with it a clean slate, reflect on the triumphs of collective community when thinking of your New Years resolutions and what you hope to achieve and contribute to in the coming months.



Jadyn Petitti

Queen's U '22

Third-year student in Political Science
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