Finding Gratitude

It’s not your fault if you’re finding it difficult to feel grateful.

With all of the chaos going on in the world right now  it’s not surprising your mind is full of worry. It almost seems like there’s no room for anything else; no happy thoughts, no positive outlook and no gratitude. But these things are there. They might be buried, but they’re there. 

Feeling guilty that you can’t make the best out of a tough situation only makes things worse. Especially since really, feeling discouraged is nothing to feel guilty about. It’s a natural instinct and a sign of empathy. In a time of worldwide concern, feeling for other people is better than not feeling at all. 

At the same time, however, the only true thing you have control over is yourself. That includes mental health, which is something a lot of us will struggle with in the coming weeks. 

Positives like the home that you’re able to find a safe space within. The food and clean water that are readily available. The hoards of entertainment, like books and movies and music, that can keep your mind off of things. The Facetime and phone calls that make distance between friends and family feel smaller, if only for a little while. The opportunity to focus on things you may not have had a chance to before, like a hobby or exercise routine (of course, there also shouldn’t be pressure to feel like you have to be your most productive self all the time during isolation). There are the smaller things too, like the open-window breezes that are unusually warm for March. Playing with the family pet you might not have seen being away at school. Letting your skin breathe from the lack of makeup you wear at home. Although easier said than done, it’s possible to find the positives in impossibly difficult circumstances and doing so helps keep things in perspective. 

Feeling deprived of what you’re used to can be an opportunity to recognize what you tend to take for granted. Even though this time is difficult for everyone and health, both physically and mentally, is especially critical now, you’re in charge of you. Trying to find the things you can still feel grateful for, no matter how small they may be, is a good way to stay afloat and stay positive.

We’re going to get through this.