Creating Your Perfect Bucket List

It’s so easy to take life too seriously. Falling into a routine of work or school and only planning long-term for things that you feel you have to do rather than want to do can become reality without a second thought. Creating a bucket list is a great way to combat this; it can help give you a personal sense of purpose and motivation, while offering a reminder of all the things to look forward to. Curating your own personal list of things you enjoy and are passionate about doing is all part of the fun. Here are just a few suggestions on where to look when creating a well-rounded, personal bucket list:

  1. 1. Giving Back

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    Giving back to others in any capacity is so valuable, whether you are in a position to share your time, resources, or money. Even when making your bucket list, which inherently focuses on what you want to get out of your own life, volunteering or donating is a good way to not only help others but also fulfill a sense of purpose that you might be searching for. Here’s some ways to give back:

    - Donate Blood

    - Volunteer in a developing nation

    - Register for organ donation

    - Donate money to a charity

    - Plant a tree

    - Adopt or foster a rescue animal

    - Pay it forward for someone else’s drive-thru order

  2. 2. Travel

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    In my opinion, I think everyone should travel at some point in their lives. Staying in a bubble can be comfortable, but there are so many diverse cultures and places that allow for a broader perspective and unforgettable experiences. Of course, everyone’s travel wish-list is dependent on personal taste. Here are just a few general ideas that would make great additions to any travel junkie’s bucket list. 

    - Visit the Grand Canyon

    - Explore the Great Barrier Reef

    - See the Northern Lights

    - Go on a safari in the Serengeti

    - Plan a solo trip

    - Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand

    - Visit a castle

  3. 3. Something that Scares You

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    Within reason, of course; there’s no pressure to go as far as skydiving if that’s not something you want to do. However, sometimes a little rush of adrenaline is good for the soul. Being able to push yourself and accomplish once in a lifetime experiences (even if only to say you did it) is a staple on bucket lists for good reason. 

    - Skydiving (or Indoor Skydiving if, like me, jumping out of a plane isn’t your jam)

    - White water rafting

    - Ride a rollercoaster

    - Bungee jump

    - Edge walk on the CN Tower

    - Ziplining

    - Dog-sledding

    - Snowmobiling

  4. 4. Food

    woman eating

    If you’re a food lover, these are right up your alley. Centering some of your bucket list items around food means that while some items might be versatile and relatively easy to check off, others will still push you out of your comfort zone. 

    - Go vegan/vegetarian for a week

    - Go out for brunch with friends

    - Go to a restaurant that appears in a show or movie

    - Eat at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants

    - Apple picking

    - Learn how to cook and perfect one meal

    - Eat a bizarre food you’ve never had before (I’m talking scorpion, frog legs, escargot etc.)

  5. 5. Milestones and Growth

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    My interpretation of a “growth” category are items that allow you to grow as a person and give you tools that you can carry with you throughout life. Having a meaningful conversation with a stranger, for example, might be that much more impactful if you are shy or experience social anxiety. To know that you were able to have a conversation with a stranger reaches far beyond just the conversation; it reinforces the strength you have within yourself. A bucket list is a perfect opportunity to make a conscious effort to push yourself beyond what you might have once thought you were capable of.

    - Find a job you like

    - Fall in love

    - Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger

    - Become independent

    - Take a mental health day

    - Forgive someone

    - Have a social media/phone detox

  6. 6. Miscellaneous

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    This category seems to speak for itself. Anything else you want to experience before you “kick the bucket” – add it to your list!

    - Have a home library

    - Publish a book

    - Run a marathon

    - Get a tattoo

    - Meet a celebrity

    - Sing at a karaoke night

    - Go to a psychic or holistic healer

    - Go to a concert or music festival

    - Finish a sucker / lollipop without biting it