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Big Sis Advice – Why It’s Important To Empower Other Women

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Queen's U chapter.

Empowering other women is one of the best things that we can do for each other.

In my 18 years of life, I’ve learned a lot about the world & those around me. One of the most important things I value is the beautiful feeling that comes when empowering the women in my life.

Rather than tearing each other down, it’s crucial for women to build each other up. Empowering other women not only opens up avenues for a more inclusive & accepting society, but also allows women to practice personal development and grow together.

Here’s why supporting the women around you is so important, & how you can personally engage in day-to-day female empowerment:

  1. Celebrate their successes

Sometimes it can be difficult to celebrate another person’s successes, especially if they are succeeding in something you are interested in. Your feelings are valid, & it’s okay to be upset and jealous if you’re not currently in the place you’d like to be in life.

However, while sadness may come with someone else’s success, learning to manage your feelings of jealousy is the respectful and mature thing to do. Rather than engaging in behaviours to express your jealous feelings, make it a mission to celebrate your fellow successes.

Celebrating the success of women around us paves the way for women to grow as a person & feel good together.

2. Give genuine compliments

Giving out thoughtful and genuine words of kindness can work wonders to empower those around us. Rather than simply complimenting someone’s physical appearance, you could also compliment what makes them who they are as a person. Perhaps you might compliment their bolstering self-confidence, vulnerability, or other personality-based characteristics.

Those words can mean the entire world to someone else.

3. Lift other women up

Lifting up women is more than simply giving verbal compliments, & there are other words/acts of kindness can help support those around us.

Other ways to uplift the women around us includes commenting on their social media posts, letting your female-identifying friends know your thinking of them, or telling a random person you pass on the street that you think their outfit is stunning!

Emma Keyes

Queen's U '24

Emma is studying English Language and Literature at Queen's University. She enjoys the arts, and is a sucker for all things romantic.