Bianca Sparacino: An ‘Instapoet’ Who Is Making Poetry Cool Again

Bianca Sparacino, otherwise known as @rainbowsalt, is making poetry cool again. 

With over 526K followers on Instagram, Sparacino uses her platform to create meaningful content, inspire others, and share her wisdom. Sparacino is currently the Creative Director of Thought Catalog in NYC and has published 2 poetry books: “Seeds Planted In Concrete” and “The Strength in Our Scars,” both available on Amazon.  

The following includes writings from Sparacino’s books and Instagram account. Touching on love, life, and human connection, Sparacino’s words continue to inspire individuals as she emphasizes the importance of growth rather than perfection.

1. “Fall in love with someone who is both your safe place and your biggest adventure.”  -Bianca Sparacino

2. “The truth is, sometimes your biggest loses become your biggest gains.  Sometimes, you do not end up with the person your heart chooses, but instead, you discover the person your heart needs.  And sometimes, it is within the hardest seasons of your life that you are softening to all of the growth, and all of the learning, that will help for you to discover a version of yourself that you are proud of.  Sometimes, when you feel like you are falling behind, you are actually falling into a journey that is better suited for you, that will unfold in ways you never allowed yourself to dream of. At the end of the day, you must remember this - energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed.  The Universe does not take without giving, and it is within the messiness and the aches of life, where you will finally be introduced to the beauty, where you will finally be introduced to the light.” -Bianca Sparacino 

3. “It took me a long time to realize that not everything in life is meant to be a beautiful story.  Not every person we feel something deep and moving with is meant to make a home within us, is meant to be a forever.  Sometimes, people come into our lives to teach us how not to love.  How not to settle, how not to shrink ourselves ever again.  Yes, sometimes people leave- but that’s okay, because their lessons always stay, and that is what matters.  This is what remains.” -Bianca Sparacino 

4. “Understand that life is not a straight line.  Life is not a set timeline of milestones. It is okay if you don’t finish school, get married, find a job that supports you, have a family, make money, and live comfortably all by this age, or that age.  It’s okay if you do, as long as you understand that if you're not married by 25, or a Vice President by 30- or even happy, for that matter - the world isn’t going to condemn you. You are allowed to backtrack.  You are allowed to figure out what inspires you. You are allowed time, and I think we often forget that. We choose a program right out of high school because the proper thing to do is to go straight to University, even if we didn’t love our program because we just invested time into it.  We go to that job every morning because we feel the need to support ourselves abundantly. We take the next step, and the next step, and the next step, thinking that we are fulfilling some checklist for life.” -Bianca Sparacino

5. “To be human is to understand that happiness isn’t a constant.  But to be human is to understand that neither is sorrow, or grief, or heartache.  To be human is to feel it all, to welcome the lessons that come with the dark days, to welcome the softness that comes from the lightness of what saves you.  To be human is to try, with every inch of your patchwork soul, to be proud of who you are. To care. To heal. To be your own home, even on the days you don’t like yourself, even on the days where it doesn't come naturally.  To be human is to grow in the ups, and to grow in the downs. So keep growing. Keep growing.” -Bianca Sparacino 

6. “I truly do believe that those who overthink are the kinds of human beings who over love.  And when you feel deeply, and care deeply, and aspire to make everyone around you happy, that can create so much worry within a human heart.  I know that your anxiety sometimes makes you want to apologize for who you are. I know it can make you feel like you are too much. But instead, I want you to remember that dealing with such heaviness and having to navigate such complex feelings also makes you resilient, and strong, and brave.  Repeat that to yourself.” -Bianca Sparacino