Becoming An Adult

It has recently come to my attention that I, in fact, have ascended into the complexity of adulthood. Unfortunately, it was not my decision to partake in the elite society of the sleep-deprived, stress-filled semblance of a child; as I am sure many of you would agree. Not to say that paying rent and bills, balancing an abundance of work and dealing with mental breakdowns every other day is not a joyous time - I’m just saying I could do with a little less worry. Now, I mean not to rain on the parade that is adulting - for being a grown-up is somewhat of a cool endeavor. What I am saying however, is that in becoming an adult, one may - nay, shall - be faced with a myriad of predicaments. A few of which I will bring to life in the words to come. I shall paint a picture of what adulting truly is like, and the most common realizations that will inevitably present themselves to every floundering fledgling!

The first of countless, would be the wonderful game of choosing what to focus on every day. For example, yesterday I decided to channel my energy into actually going to class and perhaps taking a couple of notes. The day before was one dedicated to working, and for tomorrow I have scheduled a panic attack. If you find yourself having to choose between work, school, mental health, physical health, family and friends, then welcome aboard my dear; you have finally become every adult you envied growing up. Unfortunately, I cannot provide advice to ease your transition, but I can tell you that honestly no one has mastered the art of balance, and thus fret not about managing life and live “day by day” or minute by minute, if it’s one of those days. And rest at ease knowing that you are never alone in walking the blissful green mile that is adulthood.

If you find your day at a lull and cannot seem to find anything to do, then I’ve got just the thing for you! A stress driven frenzy into getting a to-do list in check and making sure you’ve got enough hours in the day to actually complete said tasks. Afterwards you may worry about the financial aspects of life: “have I got enough money to have a decent meal, pay my bills, and hopefully some spare change for laundry?” Subsequently bringing us to the end of the day when you have completed the list, and cried over the scarcity of cash - and now have some free time to actually get to work (for your day was wasted pacing and sobbing). Alas, being an adult is having to worry endlessly about what I’ve mentioned above, in addition to a myriad of other little problems and finding no feasible solution. Welcome to the “real world.”

Last but not least, the final mark that distinguishes an adult from the youth is the ability to adapt to any situation - and I mean any! What I’m talking about isn’t necessarily drastic situations like moving to a new city or losing your car. I’m referring more to little mundane occurrences, such as (and not limited to): having your 10 page psych paper deleted from your files, or having your well-prepared meal spill all over your recently cleaned kitchen. In scenarios like this, an adult will exhibit extreme signs of superhero-ness, going into an adrenaline-fueled frenzy to try and salvage what little has remained post apocalypse! The solutions are not always rational, long-term, or even sane, but they will get the job done! For that is the beauty of being a person of legal age - you are able to compromise and think on your feet so as to make easy what is yet to come. In conclusion, an adult is a superhero who saves himself!

In conclusion, transitioning from adolescence to adulthood is no mere journey - it is quite difficult, you see. Regardless, what keeps us all sane during this inevitable embarkation is the underlying knowledge that we are not alone! For everyone at one point or another must make the change and become more mature. It may take some people more time than others, so remain patient. Alas, I hope this article sheds some light onto the happenings in the secret world that adults roam and has provided a reassuring and informative message! In final terms, being mature will sometimes make for great times and miserable others!