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We all have our own idea of the ideal Sunday and we all know exactly how that picture perfect Sunday feels. We all know the feeling of finally getting to a Sunday after a busy week of school or work and fully embracing the feeling of that very Sunday. I’m almost positive that Sundays were created for one purpose and one purpose only: to kick back and do nothing (or whatever you actually want to do).

For most people, there’s really nothing better than a Sunday. It’s that perfect way to end off the week that just passed and is such a great way to start the upcoming week. A Sunday is your day from start to finish. It can be your “get your life together” day (we all need one of those), your “sleep in all day and wake up at 6pm” kind of day or your “downtown trek” kind of day. The point is that your Sunday is your Sunday and it should be your day to do whatever the hell you want to do.

As students, we’re always on the go from Monday to Friday and sometimes even Saturday, especially with midterm season just behind us. Profs are throwing a dozen assignments and readings at us all at once, our extra-curricular clubs and teams are scheduling meetings and practices every other day and our friends are dragging us to go out to this or that. It can all feel so hectic in the moment and a week can completely drain us of all our energy. I’m sure you all know the feeling of wanting nothing than to crawl in bed with a tub of peanut butter and some Netflix – the feeling of wanting to just press “pause” on life sometimes.

The beauty of a Sunday is that Sunday is that very pause in our week we want and so desperately need sometimes. It’s that perfect moment to step back from all the craziness and just let things slow down. A Sunday is just that – it’s a Sunday. It’s a rest day; a day to take a breather. Nothing more.

Let yourself rest on your Sundays. Let yourself take some time for yourself because that can be so, so important. Give yourself a chance to recover from all that happened in the week because honestly? You need it sometimes. And it’s okay to admit you’re totally just drained and you need a day to be completely unproductive. Sometimes, we feel the need to get so much done on Sunday and to not let a day go by without catching up on work or getting ahead in class. And while that is good to do sometimes, we also from time to time need to just give ourselves that break we don’t usually get during the semester. It’s so easy to get caught up in this whirlwind of work and endless activity but you need an escape from that sometimes; and that’s where Sunday comes to the rescue.

So, what are some great ways to spend your Sunday on campus or in Kingston?

  • Go to bed without setting an alarm for once (and wake up feeling refreshed).
  • Don’t want to sleep in too late? Grab a friend and go for a walk by the lake early in the morning!
  • Sit by the lake in peace and just let your mind wander.
  • Or a picnic by the lake!
  • Or just find a spot, sip on some coffee and do nothing else.
  • Go into town and grab brunch with your group of friends at a good local place (10/10 would recommend Eggsquis – best brunch place to hit up). Try some new spots every so often!
  • Go get your laundry done!
  • Clean your room (Vacuuming/Mopping/Sweeping is on that list too).
  • Catch up with some friends you don’t get to see during the week because of opposite schedules. Meet up on campus or explore off-campus together!
  • Binge-watch your favourite Netflix shows because we all know how much you missed your show during the week.
  • Go hiking around the area!
  • Hit up the ARC for a workout session or all the other options! A run by the lake, tennis at Summerhill, yoga, soccer or volleyball – there’s so much to do to burn off the late-night snacking you did during the week.
  • Or ditch the workout and grab even more food.
  • Find a good read (if that’s your thing).
  • Take some time on Sunday night to think about the week ahead and just do a dump of all the things you have to do for the coming week (for the keeners).

But even after this list, the real beauty of a Sunday lies in the possibility of it. The beauty of a Sunday is how you can make a whole day out of it and nothing is really set in stone. A Sunday is for anything and for everything…or totally nothing at all.

Julia Sun is currently a second-year student at Queen's University studying Commerce. She has always loved to write in her spare time and has her own lifestyle and travel blog on the side (lifewithjulia.net). When she's not writing for Her Campus Queen's, you can find her doing yoga, reading a book, or going for a run. 
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