9 Reasons to Keep Smiling

A smile. A simple facial expression used to showcase happiness. A gesture of endearment. A genuine showcase of sincerity. A naturally desire to share internal feelings of joy, peace, and contentment. An innate way humans communicate feelings of love and friendship to those who matter most. Often accompanied with a dose of laughter, blushing cheeks, or tight embraces.

There’s a million reasons why you should never cease to smile. If you’re looking for a few, here are some reasons why from myself and some of the most important people in my life:

  • Smile because it’s a way to show others that they are loved, and in return to show them that you also feel appreciated and cherished.
  • Smile since it makes you feel more confident. It builds self-esteem. It relinquishes uncertainty and spreads optimism. Smiling radiates positive vibes and brightens those around you.
  • Smile to showcase friendliness and approachability. To make others feel comfortable and welcome. Smile to promote unity. To build bonds, strengthen connections, and foster comradery. Smiling is a universal language.
  • Smile since it makes you sexier. It attracts people that radiate the same positive energy as you. Smile until you have captivated so many positive people in your life that you are able to encompass their happiness.
  • Smiles are contagious. Similes are free. Rumour has it that smiling makes you more successful. Smile because who wouldn’t want to. Since it’s more fun to be smiling.
  • Smile because even though life can be challenging and overwhelming at times, we are all blessed in one way or another. Smile to remind yourself and others of better days.
  • Smile because it’s good for you. Even when you are sad, smile to make yourself feel better. Smile because it takes more muscles to frown.
  • In a dull world filled with hardship, pain, and suffering, be the one person who brightens up the world with your smile. Start a spark. A chain reaction. Bring joy to others. Why would you want to stop? Because if you have to stop smiling for one second it will be one less moment that you’re happy.
  • Smile because life’s too short not to.

For these reasons (and about a million more), never stop smiling. Never be afraid to radiate optimism. Never refrain from inspiring others. Never be too embarrassed to smile at a stranger. Never fear to share your happiness with others.

So the next time you’re having a stressful day, just stop for a moment. Put your worries aside. Hold your head up high, and simply “say cheese.”

After all, it’s just a smile 😊