7 Things I'm Not Doing in Isolation that I Thought I Would be Doing by Now

  1. 1. Go on walks

    I’ve been at home for almost a month and can count the number of walks I’ve taken on one hand. The streets are a danger zone. You go outside for five minutes and you see four people from high school, six e-boys making Tik Toks, and three kids you used to babysit who are now teenagers that recognize you enough to stare but not enough to say hello. It’s safer to just stay inside.

  2. 2. Take up a new hobby

    Did I spend $100 on a painting set from Amazon? Yes. Did I only use it for only one week before giving up on it? Yes. My tragic flaw is stopping something immediately after realizing I’m not perfect at it. Painting is a perfect example of this. Maybe I’ll try again next month.  

  3. 3. At-home workouts

    There’s something about doing 30 minutes of crunches, push ups, and squats in my unfinished basement that’s not very appealing right now. I’d much rather watch the workout videos while I lay in bed and eat cheese cubes.

  4. 4. Finish my school assignments on time

    In theory, it sounds easy to do school work when you’re at home all day with little else to do, but in practice, it is can be very difficult to find the motivation and stay focused. I’m not exactly sure why, but for every hour I spend working on an assignment I will spend six sitting on the couch procrastinating.

  5. 5. Fun family activites

    The group activities options are endless when it comes to staying indoors all day every day. We could play scrabble, do at-home bar-crawls (better known as room-crawls), themed dinner nights, charades, or just talk. I was sure this would all happen at least 3-4 times a week seeing as how we all have nothing else to do but the reality is that I spend my nights drinking red wine alone with my cats. It’s actually quite nice, I’m not complaining.

  6. 6. Implement a skincare routine

    With a bathroom full of fancy skin products (thanks Mom), you’d think I would be doing the MOST for my skin at right now. Self-care is the easiest thing to do when you want to procrastinate school work or are overwhelmed by current events. This is true under normal circumstances but lately, I’ve been so lazy that my skin is lucky if manage to remember to moisturize.

  7. 7. Read

    I really thought I would at least have sought comfort from the stresses of isolation in a good book. As it turns out I have the attention span of a goldfish. Even one-minute Tik Toks are too long for me and I couldn’t read a full Buzzfeed article if I wanted to. I laugh about it now but I’m starting Grad School in September so this won’t fly.