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6 Ways to Minimize Your Screen Time

It is obvious that phones and screens in general take up far too much of our attention throughout the day. Watching hours of videos and obsessing over which Instagram to post for days has become far too normal. This leads to less productivity, especially in university. So, here are some tips to minimize these habits. 

1.) Eat your meals without a screen

What ever happened to just enjoying the company you’re with? Eating meals used to be one of the most social times of the day. It can be a well deserved break from your screen between study periods and will give your brain time to relax.

2.) Don’t spend time on Netflix or social media before going to bed

If you look at a screen right before you go to bed, it cuts into your sleeping time. It will take longer for your brain to relax and drift off to sleep. Instead, try reading a book or doing crosswords!

3.) Call people on the phone instead of texting them

It’s amazing that technology has advanced so much that it’s no longer required to send messages by a carrier pigeon, however, text messages are known to require more screen time. Phone calls can easily reduce your overall amount of screen time and result in more meaningful conversations. When texting, you constantly check your phone every 2 minutes to see if your friend has texted you back thus promoting endless distractions.

4.) Limit your screen time when looking at the monitor in the dark!

If you want to be blind by the time you are 40, disregard this tip. The monitor light can be extremely hard on your eyes, so when you NEED to be on your screen, turn on some lights so that the bright monitor doesn’t strain your eyes too badly.

5.) Make Screen Time your Active Time

Doing squats while watching McDreamy and McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy? Never heard of a better way to spend a Friday night. When you are binging TV shows you might as well burn some calories instead of being a couch potato.

6.) Remove Notifications!

Notifications are probably one of the most distracting things in the world. Boost your productivity while studying by turning off your notifications. You will have longer breaks from your laptop and phone, and more room to be mindful and relaxed.

Chloe Martineau

Queen's U '21

Chloe Martineau is a second year Queen's Commerce student. She loves to express herself through writing but also through photography, catch her on her Instagram (@1lenscover). When she isn't writing or snapping pictures, she loves to go for a hike, explore, and hopefully seek out an adventure.
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