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6 Things to Do on a Friday Night When You Don’t Feel Like Going Out

Spending a Friday night at home can be the perfect way to recover from all the stress of the past week. Whether you do these things alone or use them as activities to bond with the girls, spending the night in can be just as fun as going out with the help of this list.

1. Binge-watch all 10 seasons of Friends

You finally have time to watch that Netflix show everyone is talking about! There’s nothing like binge watching feel-good shows to get your mind off school for a little while.

2. Finally get around to doing that reading you’ve been putting off for the last 4 weeks…

Friday night is the perfect time to be productive and catch up on those readings that piled up during the week. You can even use the night to get a head start on next week’s work, or get ready for the essay due in a few weeks. After all, we’re all here to learn.

3. Discover your inner Cake Boss

Break out your mom’s best cupcake recipe and get cooking! Your tummy will thank you, and I’m sure your housemates will too!

4. Face mask, face mask, face mask!

Grab a glass of wine, take a warm bath, and put on a face mask. Taking some time to pamper yourself is the perfect way to help you unwind from a stressful week of classes! Trust me, there are not many things a good face mask can’t fix.

5. Find out who your celebrity soulmate is based on your pizza topping preferences!

Nothing is better than hanging out with your friends, comparing Buzzfeed quiz results. Who knew you were both destined to marry Ryan Gosling?!

6. Hit the hay!

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! Those late-night study sessions can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Try getting a few extra hours of shut-eye; you’ll wake up feeling #blessed!


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