The 5 Types of People You See at Bars

1. The Sober Friend

There are multiple different kinds of sober people that can be found in a bar. There are the kind souls who stay sober to drive their friends home and skip that cab fee, or those who just don’t partake in alcohol - these bar attendees are typically a happy bunch. Then, there are the people who just didn’t have long enough of a pre to get properly smashed for their night out. You can find them by the bar demanding as many shots as the bartender can pour at a time.


2. The WAY Too Lit Friend

Everyone has had their moment of drinking a little too much before leaving their house, so we can’t judge this person because we have all been in their position. The only thing to do is avoid their flailing dancing arms on the dance floor and hope they have good friends who will leave a glass of water and an Advil next to their bed for the incredibly painful hangover that is coming their way.

3. The “I Was Dragged Here and I Hate It” Friend

You can tell who these people are based on the permanent scowl found on their faces and the glares that they shoot at their friend every few minutes. Perhaps they’re a visiting friend or a significant other, or they are just a person who doesn’t like going to the bar. Either way, they just want to go home and chill.

4. The Underagers

You can tell who used a fake ID at the bar based on their love for getting shots and their wide eyes as they first see the horrors of a bar bathroom. They’re just first years trying to find a place to party after the kegger they were attending got shut down.

5. The 19th Birthday Girl

Accessory options include a sash, crown, or pin - all in the brightest pink you can find. You’ll probably find her at the bar with multiple people offering to buy her drink, or tearing it up on the dance floor.