The 5 Best Food & Travel YouTubers to Satisfy Your Wanderlust and Food Envy

Lectures? Labs? Essays and assignments? That’s cool but I’d rather watch hours on end of food and travel videos instead, thanks. If you feel the same way, then you need to check out these 5 food and travel youtubers ASAP.

  1. Youtube channel The Best Ever Food Review Show follows it’s host, Sonny Side, on his adventures around the world. In his travels he tries a variety of foods; from chicken to porcupine, there’s little that Sonny Side won’t eat. His channel also offers viewers a look at various cultures and their food-related practices. Notable examples include his mini-series in Indonesia, wherein he prepares and eats traditional foods with various tribal groups as well as other Indonesian locals.

  2. 2. TJ Lee, Cup of TJ

    Cute and quirky, TJ Lee brings a refreshing change of pace to the seemingly male-dominated food and travel youtuber community. From traditional meals to scoping out her current locale’s 7-ELEVEN, TJ’s channel features foods at a variety of price points. Your student budget doesn’t have to mean cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  3. 3. Mike Chen, Strictly Dumpling

    You might recognize Mike Chen from his collabs with the Try Guys, but beyond that he’s also a very successful food and travel youtuber. While his videos primarily feature places in the U.S. and Eastern Asia, he’s also recently ventured into Europe and Mexico. If that’s not enough, he even reviews the meals served by various airline companies! On the rare occurrence that he isn’t travelling for food related purposes, Chen also makes videos for his website Authentic Made Easy in which he teaches viewers how to make authentic Chinese food.

  4. 4. Mark Wiens, Migrationology

    Based out of Bangkok, Thailand, Mark Wiens’ channel follows him and his family as they eat their way around the world. What makes Mark’s channel stand out is his insanely emotive “yummy face”--a face he makes after tasting something truly delicious. He’s also incredibly honest about the food he eats and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is when a dish isn’t actually delicious.

  5. 5. Andrew and David Fung, Fung Bros.

    Andrew and David Fung keep things interesting by offering perhaps the most diverse channel in terms of content. Although their channel does feature food and travel related content, it also makes a point of showcasing Asians in Western media. An example of such is their recent video “WHY MARVEL’S FIRST ASIAN SUPERHERO SHANG CHI WILL CHANGE THE GAME!!”, in which they discuss the casting of Canadian actor, Simu Liu, as the Marvel superhero, Shang Chi. Their channel also aims to shed light on the ever-evolving fusion food scene in North America and the cultural significance of this relationship.

So, there you have it: enough content to satisfy hours of procrastination for another long week of school! Have fun watching!