20 Lessons for 2020

  1. Do what you love, unapologetically.

  2. The only person who can determine your self-worth is you. 

  3. Do not reject failure, learn from it.

  4. Just because someone else’s goals are different than yours, does not mean yours are less important. 

  5. Your feelings are valid, but trust, it too shall pass. 

  6. Declare what you want and you will attract it. We attract what we think we deserve.

  7. Be proud of your accomplishments. Stop being your worst critic, and instead be your biggest fan.

  8. Find happiness in yourself first. 

  9. If you love someone, love them fiercely and fearlessly, life is too short to play it safe.

  10. Live in the moment. Living for the past brings depression, living for the future brings anxiety, so be present. 

  11. Regret is poison for the mind.

  12. Stop and smell the flowers. Appreciate the small joys and beauty in life. 

  13. Change is good, embrace it.

  14. Talk to yourself the same way you would talk to someone you love. 

  15. Never feel you are too much for someone, always be the fullest version of yourself and your person will come. 

  16. Create opportunities for yourself, nothing is impossible.

  17. It is okay if you do not have everything figured out right now, no one does. 

  18. Consistency is everything. 

  19. Listen to others, you will learn something.

  20. Trust your gut, always.