10 Things About Being a Student that are Spookier than Halloween

1. When you run out of groceries for the week but it’s only Saturday.

2. When your prof says, “Let’s talk about the assignment.”

3. When TV shows are the only thing keeping you sane.

4. When all the due dates for your assignments are lumped into one week.

5. When you want to do cool things, like travel, but you have no money.

6. When you’re graduating soon but you’re still not really sure what you want to do with your life.

7. When you’re trying to scrounge up all the marks you can to get a decent grade.

8. When the weather gets cold and fashion isn’t a thing anymore.

9. When you need to prep for job interviews and they ask you,“What can you bring to the table?”

10. When you decided to take a course because it sounded "interesting."