Your Classes as Seen in the Office

Just imagine having Michael Scott in your class.

  1. When class is cancelled
  2. When you don’t understand a word your professor just said 
  3. When you have a 7:30 am class 
  4. When a professor asks you how you are doing at any point during the semester 
  5. When the temperature drops below zero degrees and you have a 15 minute walk to class 
  6. When you are doing okay but then midterms come out of nowhere  
  7. When the professor starts calling on people to participate in class  
  8. When it’s Sunday and you are looking at all the homework you put off all weekend...
  9. ...And what happens when you try to do it all Sunday night 
  10. When the professor gives a surprise quiz over a reading nobody read 
  11. In conclusion, this is probably my mood if you see me on a cold winter morning