Transitioning From Dorm Life To Apartment Life

Most students at Purdue begin their college experience living the dorm rooms and then transitioning into their own apartment. If you are currently living in the dorms, living in an apartment might seem like a daunting step to take. At least it was for me. I am going to go through the perks of living in the dorms versus living in your own apartment. 


Dorms make life easy as a college student. With a new set of stress with classes and living on your own, it is nice knowing that you do not have to worry about cooking your own food. I would say dining courts are the single biggest perk to dorm life (even if I did not always make the best choices). There is also a sense of community that makes dorm life a lot of fun. People living in dorms are more willing to meet their neighbors and connect with other people are their floor. This really isn’t a thing in apartment complexes or if you are living in your own house. 

So what are the perks to living in an apartment? While you do not get access to the dining courts, living off campus can provide a lot of freedom.  In the dorms, you have to share showers, bathrooms, and usually live in tight quarters. This is not necessarily the case with apartments, as you usually have more privacy and space for your stuff.  You also have the freedom to set your own sleep and food schedule as you have your own room and do not have to worry about when the dining courts are open.  

While moving into an apartment may seem daunting, so was moving into the dorms. It is the next transition in most people’s college experience and can lead to a lot more freedom in your day-to-day life at Purdue.