Things I Think About While Walking to Class in the Cold

Because it’s really freaking cold 

  1. This.  Is. The.  Worst.  It is 7:30am and I am walking 15 minutes in 0-degree weather with a wind chill.  Why did I do this to myself?  How did I end up here? I should have just taken the absence and stayed in bed. 
  2. I should have worn my scarf.  I am wearing a hat, coat, boots, and gloves, but that scarf would have made all the difference. 
  3. It is March, right?  Does Mother Nature not know that?  The groundhog said we would have an early spring and I don’t think we should make him a liar.  Spring break is next week, and we are still going to school in an arctic tundra. 
  4. We had our one cancelled school day of the winter; Mitch won’t cancel for us now so it’s time to suck it up kiddo.
  5. If I get Starbucks, will it be cold by the time I get to class? 
  6. Ugh just think about warm things, how good summer is going to feel, that one warm day we had like a month ago. 
  7. What’s funny about this is I will 100% be complaining about how hot it is when its 90 degrees in July, so you really can’t win with me. 
  8. I just want to go outside without a coat, is that too much to ask? 
  9. I should have taken the bus to class

  10.  Oh my God I made it.  But after this I have to walk back to my apartment all over again…. *bangs head against desk and starts begging for summer*