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“Preparing for the Holidays & Finals?”

We’re racing to Christmas break faster than ever, but the distance elongates when it’s time to start preparing for finals. That break after midterms was SO nice, why can’t we go back? And to top everything off, final exam season never fails to line up perfectly with prime shopping season and the holidays. The stress intensifies and the wait for break becomes overbearing. I personally have been blessed with the love language of gift giving, which means I have been FORCED to come to terms with and accommodate my habits of overspending while keeping finals a priority. I wanted to share some advice that will help you all take on this stressful, yet festive, season!

1. Good gifts do not equal expensive gifts

They don’t just mean it for kids: personal gifts are the best! If money is tight, do not underestimate the power of an inexpensive DIY project. My stepmom will forever be able to cherish the framed photo I am gifting her for her birthday!

2. TJMaxx & marshalls are your bff!

These discounted retail stores offer amazing gift options down every aisle you will stroll! And because they have a large selection, this makes it a universal option for anyone you may be gifting to!

3. don’t wait until the last minute to cram

You hear it all the time, but it is an easy thing to do. We know from the beginning of the semester when final exam week is, and we also know this serves for all our classes we complete a final in. So, take advantage of this early notice, ASAP if you haven’t already, and limit the drowning in work you will do as MUCH as possible!

4. set a limit

You know who you must buy gifts for, so why not plan? Every year I make a list of every person for whom I must buy a gift, both big and small. Following this, I will set a MAXIMUM price limit in which I will spend for each person (an extra step can be writing notes of any ideas you may already have for your people!) This ensures that I am able to stay on track with my spending for the holidays, and I don’t sink my bank account (at least not at the same time as my grade)!


5. carve out some you time!

It is BEYOND easy to get sucked into the needs and wants of everyone else throughout the holiday season. Unfortunately, when not done in moderation, we tend to let our mental, physical, and/or emotional health sink. DO SOME SELF CARE! That may look different for you than what it does for me. Simply ensure you are considering yourself a priority in the chaos that surrounds you (you need to set yourself up to thrive in it)!

(she/her/hers) Junior @ Purdue University with a major in Hospitality & Tourism Management and a double minor in Event Planning & Meeting Management and Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies As a part of Her Campus, my goal for this organization is to give women something to resonate with. Through content on all aspects of a collegiate woman's life, my contributions to Her Campus will help further build a safe, fun, & welcoming foundation for women everywhere.
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