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My Favorite Bath and Body Works Candles for a Productive Day

If you were to open the cabinet below my sink, you would find a village of candles. Each one has a unique smell, for different moods I am feeling. Each one is also at least a fourth of the way burned, too. I don’t just stick to one candle and let it run out. I like my apartment to smell different based on how I am feeling.

For me, candles bring a sense of peace. They can highlight our moods for the day, how the weather is outside, or even speak to our personality. You can find my apartment smelling like Christmas one day, and spring-time flowers the next. My go-to place to buy all these candles is Bath and Body Works. The destination for all candles IMO.

Here is my top four candles list to keep you going on a productive day:

1. Bubbly Rosé

Coming in at number one is my personal favorite, Bubbly Rosé. This is a new favorite of mine replacing Winter at number two. Bubbly Rosé reminds me of a wine night with the girls. It is refreshing, clean, and smells very fruity. It has some rose notes as well. It comes in a beautifully light pink glass that is sure to lighten up any room.

2. Winter

What used to be my favorite, Winter, was replaced when I found out about Bubbly Rosé. Winter used to be my staple candle. I would almost gatekeep it when it rolled out around Christmas time (as this is the only time you can find this scent). Winter reminds me of everything, well, winter. It smells like fresh snow, Christmas tree, and Christmas morning by the fire. It is very crisp and refreshing. This is a candle great for a cold, rainy or snowy day curled up in a blanket.

3. Fiji White Sands

Fiji White Sands is exactly how you’d expect it to smell: tropical. It reminds me of the days I used to spend on the beach when I lived in St. Augustine, Florida, or spring break trips with friends. This scent makes me happy and motivated. Definitely a scent to light during the day and not at night. This aroma will keep you pushing until you finish and are well energized.

4. Paris Café

Paris Café smells like your neighborhood coffee shop. This is one of the strongest scents on the list so if you easily get a headache from smells, this is not the candle for you. If you want to bring the smell of your local coffee shop to your home, then pick this candle up quickly! It smells like early mornings, breakfast, and, of course, coffee.

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