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Lessons Learned From 5 Months of Being Inside

When I first learned that the COVID-19 epicenter was only a bridge away from my small town, I was scared.


We all were. I definitely wasn’t surprised that Northern New Jersey was near the spread, because there are so many people in New York City. What did surprise me was that I ended up staying inside for five months and only saw friends one time during that period.


I didn’t go outside at all for the first two and a half months, but slowly, I was able to start going to the park to hike or go on a family picnic.


But during the time that I stayed inside, I learned a lot.

Savor your free time.

Now that I am back in college, I want more free time. There is never enough. I would complain that I was bored, but I miss being able to relax and be in the present. I still try to, but it is harder now.

Cherish your family.

I have a 6-year old brother, and it was mostly the two of us at home when my parents were at work. As much as we could annoy each other sometimes, I miss him so much! I enjoyed the time I got to bond with my family because they are 12 hours away now. My mom’s home cooked food is at the top of my “miss” list.

That thing you don’t want to do- do it.

Over quarantine, I learned how to do digital illustrations, calligraphy, copywrite, start a business, read nutrition labels, and adapt an overall healthier lifestyle. I was anxious at first to try new things, but we learn to normalize the discomfort! Once we go for it, there’s so much ahead.

A small change in mindset can have a large impact.

It was difficult for me at times to put a barrier between the news I consumed and the positive thoughts, but over time, I got better. Moreover, it also connects gaining the motivation to change current practices.  Our thoughts get the best of us; shape your mindset to what you want it to be!

  Life is too short.

We usually hear, “This many people died in this war”, but it’s hard to know that there were so many deaths all of a sudden. We have to cling on to what we have because it is true: we only really live once! Make the most of it.

Public health student with a passion for words and making change. (She/Hers) IG: @tredzzzz
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