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Self care is very important to maintain your sanity and keep your mental health balanced. Here
are five different self care tips that I do when I’m feeling down that help me recharge my internal

1. read a good book

I totally recommend cuddling up with a good book. Reading can help you escape your reality
and enter a fictional world, which I 100% recommend. It’s fun to get lost in a really great book.

2. take yourself out to dinner

Think of this as a much needed treat to yourself. Order your favorite meal from your favorite
restaurant and either curl up and have them deliver it to you or go sit in the restaurant alone and
take yourself out for a nice dinner. Either way, leave the cooking and cleanup to someone else for
a night.

3. unplug from the world for a while

Whether that means giving social media a break for a couple hours or closing brightspace for a
while it’s important to give yourself a break to gather your thoughts.( I actually put a limit on my
social media time on my phone and you do it through your settings!) All the things that you
unplugged from will still be there in a couple hours when you are ready to make your return.

4. watch your favorite comfort show or movie

Nothing brings me more joy than cuddling up and rewatching my favourite show. I personally
feel like when I am distracted or down it’s really hard for me to concentrate on anything new so I
love to go back to something I know brings me joy and just sit back and relax.

5. go for a walk outside

Personally I have never really been a gym person and there is just this great feeling you get when
you are outside in the fresh air on a walk. It’s simple cardio and doesn’t take much effort and it
also has amazing benefits besides clearing your mind including improving your sleep, blood
circulation and strengthening your muscles.

I hope these tips help you get so much needed time for yourself!

Emani Powell

Purdue '22

Emani is currently a senior at Purdue University studying mass media communications and minoring in film and video studies with the hopes of becoming an entertainment journalist. In her free time she loves to read, bake, and binge any tv show that is currently trending.
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