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Without a budget in college, it is likely that most of our money will probably be getting spent at
our nearest convenience stores, fast food places, and orders from whatever online websites we
find that week. Unfortunately, after all those spur-of-the-moment purchases are drained from our
bank accounts, we are typically dissatisfied with the amount we have left for our necessities.

Dollar Tree is a lifeline in times of need like this. It’s in the name— everything is a dollar. Not in
the cheap way either. They carry various name brands for those necessities to ensure you don’t
have to distance yourself from personal preferences when attempting to save some cash.

Here is a guide for things to save on at Dollar Tree:

Hygiene Products

Stocking up on toothpaste, hand sanitizer, etc. is something no college student wants to splurge
over $50 on. With each product being a dollar, you can even grab backups so when you run out
next time, you don’t spend that extra money!

Kitchen ITEMS

Let’s be real with ourselves: the dishes have been piling up for too long now. It’s a pain to find a
time slot open to clean all of them in between everything else we have going on. Dollar Tree has
nice, reusable dishware: plates, utensils, bowls, measuring cups, and more! They also have our
holy grail kitchen necessities we consistently run out of— paper plates and disposable utensils.
Stock up on these items and say goodbye to that cluttered sink.

Cleaning Products

Our chore list doesn’t stop at the kitchen either. Dollar tree offers an assortment of brand name
and reliable, generic brand cleaning products. They even have the tools you need to clean your
living space— brooms, mops, buckets, handheld-dusters, and more!


Alex Frank / Spoon

Cooking dinner isn’t the most convenient option for such busy life schedules and eating out can
only be an option so many times. Dollar Tree has a “snack zone” section that is loaded with
snacks, drinks, and even a frozen section. It’ll feel like you just stocked up all your shelves and
your wallet didn’t even budge.

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