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How to Take Care of Yourself (as a STEM Major)

It is no secret that college is an academically rigorous time for everyone. But as many STEM
majors (and TikTok) can tell you, taking care of yourself physically and mentally is the only way
to ensure that you are being the best you, you can be while in college.

As a Computer Engineering major myself, I have definitely seen my fair share of “all-nighters”,
caffeine binges, and tears from trying to finish assignments and projects. But as I embark on my
senior year of school, my first tip is to take breaks.

The human body isn’t equipped to work constantly and tirelessly for hours or even days at a
time. That is why it’s important to give your body a time to recharge and your brain some time to
rest. When it comes to studying and doing homework, I like using the “Pomodoro Method” to
block out time to do work. It helps me regulate my breaks and I have found that it’s easier to stay
focused and finish your work timely when you have a structure to your studying methods.

Speaking about recharging and refueling your body, eating healthy snacks and having a
consistent eating schedule is very important as well. I can’t tell you how many times I have been
hours into doing a project or assignment to only then realize that it’s late at night and that the
only food places open are fast food restaurants with not many healthy food choices. And
especially if late nights are an integral part of your daily routine, eating late can be bad for you.
That is why I recommend investing in healthier food snack options that are easy to grab and
trying to consistently eat on a schedule to ensure that you’re being mindful and not forgetting
about nutrition!

Another tip I have (for all college students) is to unplug from technology for a few hours a day.
Having a major that quite literally revolves around a screen everyday can get quite tiring. (My
screen time is off the charts) So any chance I get, I try to get off my phone. Whether this means
reading a book on the bus, journaling before bed, or even listening to a podcast while making
dinner. I believe that it’s really important to take time to separate yourself from your academic
life and just do things that truly make you feel energized and happy.

Lastly, staying positive is important especially through challenging classes you might have.
Recognize that it’s actually a lot more common than you think. A lot of people are taking hard
classes that they are struggling in, and I think that is something that needs to be shared more.

Surrounding yourself with people that remind you to stay positive and to try your best is all
anyone in college can ask for; STEM majors are no different.

College is a hard time for many people, but it can also be a wonderful time of self-discovery and
academic success if you let it be! Don’t let your major and coursework take away your joy and
hopefully these tips are some that you can incorporate into your daily routines!

Hi! I'm currently a Senior at Purdue University studying Computer Engineering. In my free time, I make youtube videos, embroider, play piano and make lots of DIY projects!
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