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How to Ace That Interview

With November in full swing, the winter wonderland scenes have set in, cuffing season is upon us, and free time is spent curling up in bed re-watching Christmas movies. During all this, what we don’t realize is interview season is creeping around the corner. After hectically attending career fairs and submitting applications to companies for internships or co-ops, it’s finally the time of the year when they start getting back to us with meeting requests. Here are some tips to help you ace those nerve-wracking interviews.


Make sure you know about the company, their values, and the role you would like to get. I like to make sure that my resume’s objective is unique to every company that I applied to so that the recruiter knows that I investigated their programs. Having questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview is not only a way to learn more about their company but also a way to show how much you have already looked into it.

Remember There Are Always Two Parts To Every Interview

While you may only have to go through a technical interview, there is always a behavioral interview to go along with it even if it is not explicitly stated. Most companies will have two sets of interviews, the first being behavioral in which case you should be prepared for that. But, if they do not, you should still be ready to take on those questions regarding your ability to work on teams, strengths, achievements, and weaknesses during your technical interview.

Look Good, Feel Good!

Whether you are a freshman with no experience, or a senior looking to secure a job after graduation, dressing to impress will make you feel like you are ready to take on the world. Be sure to put on your power outfits whether that is a skirt suit, pant suit, or whatever makes you feel most confident. Make sure that your outfit does fall under a business casual look. Some tips I have are to carry a classy bag because it makes you look more put together. And I like having my hair out of my face in a half up half down hairstyle or a low bun with a few framing pieces. These small changes help elevate any look.

It’s Okay To Not Know The Answer!

Interviewers are there to see the extent and depth of your knowledge. They will likely ask you questions that you may not initially know the answer to but can work through. The most important thing to do in these situations is to keep your calm and not get frazzled. You can even tell your interviewer that this is something you haven’t encountered before and would like a minute to think about. Talk through what is going through your mind so that your interviewer has some insight about your thought process. Avoid making it seem like you are having a total brain freeze even if that may be the case! If you showcase a willingness to try various strategies, and not give up on the problem, the interviewer will be impressed.

Carry Yourself With Confidence

Walk into every interview with your head held high. You are smart and prepared, it is just a matter of execution. Once you walk into the door, there is nothing else that you can do to prepare more. The more calm, cool and collected you are, the more comfortable and in your element, you will feel.

Good luck on your interviews!

Anisha Sinha

Purdue '23

Anisha is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Purdue University. This California girl loves spending her time at the beach, reading in a cute café, and going to concerts. Follow her adventures @sinha.anisha on Instagram!
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