A Few Things to Consider Before Moving Into Your First Apartment

1)  Cost of living

Living in an apartment has many perks such as feeling more like an adult and having a place to decorate and call your own. On the other hand, living in an apartment comes with a lot of responsibility. First consider how much can you afford, between rent and other bills such as parking, water, electricity, etc. because money can become very hard to manage. A way to keep prices more manageable for a college student is to get a roommate. However, choose carefully and remember a lease is going to be signed and bills will be shared so finding reliable roommates is important. Second decide your deal-breakers and must-haves for an apartment. By filtering your choices you will easily narrow down what apartment is right for you after figuring an affordable price. Next, tour the apartment before signing the lease, then when you are weighing your options you will be able to physically see what you are paying for. Lastly, consider multiple apartments. There is a chance that your first choice could not be available so having a backup choice could come in handy. 

2) Location 

Living off-campus is a big decision to make and it is important to know if it is right for you at that point in your life. Dorms work well for many students their first year or two for many reasons such as on-campus living, having a resident assistant to go-to for pretty much anything, and the opportunity to meet a lot of students your age. But as life goes on many students move to apartments both on and off-campus. Off-campus living distances you from the campus. So before signing a lease on an apartment that is 25 minutes away from most of your classes consider the walk to class in severe weather or considering bringing a car and finding a place to park on campus. Finding a safe and reasonable distance from campus can help filter the best fit for you.

3) Decorating is fun, but not cheap

Many people have an idea of their dream apartment, but many people fail to consider how much it is to decorate. When apartment hunting, make sure to consider what comes with the unit you are paying for. Some apartments come fully furnished, while others you may need to furnish yourself which can become very expensive when buying items like a couch or television. Then consider how much you want to spend on items that are necessities like pot and pans, knife sets, utensils, cooking appliances, etc. Bringing items from home to decorate your apartment can give you a comfy home feel for free, which saves money for new decor and adds personal touches here and there.