Easy Things to Do with Your Friends in Your Dorm!

If you’re anything like my friends and I, you love going on adventures, visiting new food places, and meeting new people. But, with the weather getting colder, it is officially the time of the year when we end up staying curled up in bed more often than not. So, here is a list of some fun things you can do with your friends without leaving your dorms!

  1. 1. Have a Skin Care Night!

    Get your friends to find all of their face masks, tweezers, lip scrubs, face washes and combine your goods to have a night filled with old school pop music, and glowing skin. School can get fast paced, and you inevitably forget to give your face the rest and care it needs. This is a great way to have a chill Friday night.

  2. 2. Photoshoot Time

    Purdue is absolutely gorgeous especially with the fall colors, and snow. Take advantage of the scenery and get dressed up with your friends to have a photoshoot. My friends and I love putting together outfits for each other, and doing new makeup looks we haven’t tried before and heading out to take pictures together. If you still don’t want to head outside, there are some great places inside for these pictures too. Your cute dorm room is a great place to start, or the game room in residence halls.

  3. 3. Movies, Movies, Movies

    With Netflix, Hulu, HBOGO, BoilerTV, and Amazon Prime there is no shortage of streaming services to watch movies. Gather all your snacks, and blankets and use a mini projector or laptop to pop on a movie on a cold night. One of my all-time favorites is the High School Musical series. My friends and I can watch that anytime and sing along to every song. A great option would be to pair movies and skincare together, so you have something to do!

  4. 4. Manicures!

    Usually my friends and I don’t have time to sit and do our nails, so set aside a night to spend time and perfect them. Shape them, file them, and do all the three steps of a bottom coat, nail polish, and top coat. And be sure to give them plenty of time to dry so they don’t smudge. If you’re feeling ambitious, try buying an acrylic kit from Amazon and learning how to do your nails yourself!

  5. 5. Family Style Feasts

    One of my favorite pastimes with my friends is cooking! After making a trip to Walmart and coming back with our ingredients, we love spending our Sunday nights cooking up a meal with each other. The residence hall kitchens are almost always available and have everything you need to cook a meal. If you’re not up for making a whole meal, baking cookies or brownies is always satisfying.

And of course, just hanging out with your friends eating food and talking about everything and anything will always be there. Because, nothing gets old with friends. Happy Holidays!