Dating Doesn't Define You

We’ve all had that guy. The one who swirls in your mind for hours. The boy who you wait a few minutes before you respond to. The man whose laugh makes you smile instantly. Boyfriends can be amazing parts of our lives that we value unconditionally, but sometimes, I find that we lose ourselves in relationships. Often, girls need to take a step back and see that they’re more than just someone’s girlfriend. Personally, I’ve fallen into this mindset, that I’m not happy if I don’t have a boyfriend. Therefore, don’t forget that dating isn’t the only thing that defines you, especially in college. My advice is to keep a few things in mind:

  1. 1. You are a daughter.

    Our parents deserve a lot more credit than we give them. They’ve been there since day one, loving us through every stage of our lives. Not only has my mom always been there to hold my hair back when I’m sick, but she’s been there anytime I need a ride home from school. Just coming home for fall break this weekend, my mother has already taken me out to buy decorations for Christmas for my dorm! Fathers also play a key role in our lives. Dads may not relate to us the same way that our mothers can, but personally, my dad is always there to protect me. Through each breakup, my dad will offer his shoulder to cry on and tell me how the boy wasn’t worth it anyway. He’s how I learned sports, games, and most of all, how to laugh at the stupidest things. Therefore, enjoy those dad jokes and your mom’s interest in every detail of your life because they will never waver in their love for you.  

  2. 2. You are a friend. 

    Let me just start off with, Saturdays are for the girls! I couldn’t imagine not having my best friends by my side. These people are simply the ones who keep me sane and put up with all my weird quirks. You can’t ask your boyfriend if you missed a chunk of hair to straighten and expect an honest answer. Furthermore, no boy will fully understand the stress a girl goes through to choose the right outfit for a night out, but you can always count on your friends to tell you what you look ugly or amazing in. You can take them on a shopping trip for one dress for a date and come back hours later, having spent $200 on Starbucks, lunch, shoes, clothes, and maybe that dress. Most of all, I would never trade how I can tell my best friends my stress and drama, and they know exactly what advice to give. One thing that I’ve learned since starting my freshman year at Purdue is that no matter what my friends will always be there for me in the good times and the bad.

  3. 3. You have dreams. 

    In today’s world, girls must strive for what they want and not let anyone tell them that they aren’t good enough. We all have aspirations and have to work to achieve our dreams. In college, this is a time of constant searching and worries that maybe we haven’t chosen the right major, but we have to trust ourselves to make the right decisions. Getting involved and taking opportunities that make us happy even if it seems nerve wracking is a great first step. Remember to follow your dreams in life rather than another person. There are so many individuals today not happy in the jobs they are stuck in because they didn’t take risks. Personally, I don’t want to look back and think of the what-ifs in life. Instead, I want to be glad I seized the moments that mattered most.