Couples Halloween Costumes: The Do's and The Don'ts

Halloween is approaching, and that means it’s time for cringy couples Halloween costumes. If you are dressing up with your significant other this year, please take note of these do’s and don’ts so we can have a fun Halloween without being super uncomfortable when you want to take a picture with us.


DON’T: Priest and Nun

Yikes. Where do I start? Without even mentioning the disregard for religious beliefs, this costume is still in really bad taste.  The oversexualization of women’s costumes is troubling in itself, so adding in the disrespect of the religious figures just makes this costume a hard pass.


DON’T: Plug and Outlet


Speaking of sexualization, this costume takes it to a whole new, cringy level. It was maybe funny in theory, but in practice this Halloween costume is less funny and more gross and unnecessary. Let’s just agree to steer clear of this costume at all costs.


DON’T: Hispanic Guy and Piñata

We all hopefully, know by now not to racially stereotype people with our Halloween costumes. Overgeneralizing a culture is ignorant and insulting, so dressing up as a Hispanic man with a sombrero and a piñata is a no go. That being said, there are also very clear allusions to physical violence in this image. On behalf of all the women (and men) who have been physically abused by a partner, I say we try to create costumes that don’t make light of a very serious issue.


With all of these costumes that we should stay away from, there are plenty great options out there for cute and acceptable couples Halloween costumes. If you need some alternatives to the costumes above, here are some suggestions.


DO: Squints and Wendy Peffercorn

I may be biased as Sandlot is one of my favorite movies, but I think that dressing up as Squints and Wendy Peffercorn is a homerun. Squints was shooting his shot before it was even a thing, and Wendy has been slaying the red lip before Taylor Swift was even crying teardrops on her guitar. This costume is super easy, and I am here for the 60’s vibe.


DO: 3 Hole Punch Jim and Pam

If you have not seen The Office, then go do that and come back to this article. 3 Hole Punch Jim is a staple costume for Jim Halpert, as it relates to his job and requires minimal effort. And who would Jim be without Pam Beesly as his side? The Office is such a staple show, and Pam and Jim are one of the cutest couples on television.


DO: Ash and Pikachu

I am all for a nostalgic moment, so dressing up as these childhood characters for Halloween is iconic. The costumes are not that hard to put together, and the finished product is super adorable. Your caption game will also be strong when you post this pic saying, “I choose you!”.