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For the longest time I hated coffee. My mom would drink a cup every morning and I never understood it. It always tasted bitter to me no matter how much sugar and cream was added. Even coffee flavored desserts like tiramisu were displeasing to my younger palate.

However, as time went on, I gradually began to venture into the realm of caffeine. It started with making some late-night tea every now and again when I had to cram for exams in high school. Even still, I rarely drank anything with caffein and still adamantly hated coffee.

Mid high school things began to change. I had newly gotten my license and now was able to drive places to study with friends. Gradually, I began trying more drinks from coffee shops and Starbucks. My first intro to coffee drink was the infamous iced caramel macchiato. At the time, even this was hard for me to sip. I still hated the bitter coffee taste. I gradually began to enjoy it more and more and moved into the realm of normal iced coffee with cream or a fancy cold brew. Now, I find myself making a regular coffee every morning with my apartment’s Keurig. I have tried the old, iced caramel macchiato again and am shocked that I ever thought it tasted strongly of coffee.

During college I have definitely built up my caffeine tolerance. I now enjoy an occasional mid-afternoon Monster or second cup of coffee to keep me going during later classes or exams. I just tell myself that as long as I am below the recommended level of 400mg a day it is all good.

I hope that one day I will break from my caffeine addiction. However, until decaf tastes good and going a day without a cup does not result in a headache, I will continue to brew each morning before class.

I grew up in eastern PA and am now at Purdue pursuing a B.S. in Industrial Engineer.