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School can get tough. Especially if you’re doing virtual learning. Keeping yourself organized, focused, fit, and healthy all at once can get overwhelming. It’s much easier to chill out in your room on your phone instead of doing the things you know you should be doing! So since we’re all on our phones anyway...why not get some apps that’ll help us with school? Sounds boring, I know, but it’ll help!

Office Lens

First up, we have Office Lens! I personally prefer taking notes the classic pencil and paper way. Office Lens lets me upload my handwritten notes as high quality files on my phone, almost like a PDF! That way, I don’t have to lug my notes around with me everywhere I go, I can pull them up on my phone or any of my other devices.


Available on the iOS App Store and Google Play


Next up is Forest. I’ve been using this app for a few years now. In all honesty, I have a love-hate relationship with it. Forest lets you set a timer for when you do work, and every time you finish the timer without using your phone for other purposes, it’ll grow a little plant! At the end of each month, you can look back and see how many plants you’ve grown and how productive you’ve been! The best part? Using Forest and planting productivity plants saves up coins, which you can use to help plant a REAL tree through the app’s partnership with tree planting organizations!


Available on the iOS App Store


I’ve been using Plyo since last year, and it’s helped me stay motivated to work out! Every time you go into the CoRec, Plyo signs you into the app. The more time you spend working out in the gym, the more points you accumulate. Plyo offers a ton of great rewards in exchange for points ranging from the chance to win giveaways to discounts at nearby restaurants and the Purdue bookstores!

Sleep Cycle

I love naps! But the worst feeling is when you wake up still feeling tired. Maybe you wake up even more tired than before you took your nap! The Sleep Cycle app tracks and analyses your sleep cycle so that it can identify your light sleep phase and wake you up then. Using Sleep Cycle will definitely make your naps all the better. And we all need good naps.


Available on the iOS App Store and Google Play


Notion is a combination of notes, to-do lists, wikis, and databases. You can sync Notion on your mobile device as well as your desktop so that you have it everywhere you go! This app is amazing for organization, it’s basically all the productivity apps you’d ever need in one!


Available on the iOS App Store and Google Play


In these difficult and confusing times, it’s easy to lose ourselves in everything that’s going on. It’s important to keep taking care of yourself, and I hope that these apps can help take some stress off your shoulders.

Hi! I'm Michelle, a senior at Purdue University studying Brain and Behavioral Sciences with a minor in Management. I'm from Orange County in sunny SoCal. Some of my hobbies include golfing, journaling, and singing!
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