5 College Beauty Essentials You Need

Deciding what to bring to college can be extremely stressful. Here are a couple essentials that I can't live without: 

1. Hair dryer

Owning a hair dryer in college is a must for a few reasons. First, obviously is drying your hair. Second, is drying clothes. This one sounds a little weird, but trust me at some point you will be getting ready to leave for something important and spill something on yourself. You will want a hair dryer to dry the spot off fast rather than having to go through your whole closet for a new outfit.

2.) Face wipes

Not makeup remover wipes (although you will want those), but face wipes. I take face wipes in my bag with me to the gym for after my workout, for late night study sessions, or just in case I run into a situation when I need one. I carry face wipes around for when I need a nice refresh and just want to feel a little cleaner!

3.) Facemasks

College is full of late nights and early mornings. It can be a trying time for your skin, so I suggest you bring a good face mask with you. Coming home from a stressful day and being able to treat yourself with a facemask is a great way to wind down. Or having your friends over for facemasks and binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix makes for a great girl’s night!

4.) Dry shampoo

Owning a bottle of dry shampoo is a 100% must in college. For times when you are so tired, but very busy and need to choose between washing your hair or taking a nap. Take that nap and bust out the dry shampoo!

5.) Steripod

If you have never heard of a steripod then you are truly missing out. Steripod is a toothbrush protector which is great especially when you are sharing a bathroom without people or you just need to pack your toothbrush for a weekend trip.

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