Your 2018 Inspirational “Don’t Evers”

Here’s to our resolutions, our goals, our ambitions - cheers!

But what about the things we forget every year? The things we should set for ourselves emotionally that aren’t goals…but life choices?

The limits we need to set for ourselves that we often forget to?

It’s so easy to get caught up in vulnerabilities, difficulties, and low self-confidence, but don’t let yourself do that - ever! You’re stronger than any little insecurity, and here’s a list of “don’t evers” to follow this new year:

1. Don’t ever doubt yourself - YOU are brilliant.

2. Don’t ever take your frustrations out on someone else.


3. Don’t ever let anyone else’s words bring you down. You’re worth more than letters put together.


4. Don’t ever look into the mirror and hate what you see. You are beautiful, natural, warm and loving. Just look at your eyes - they hold stories more gorgeous than any star.


5. Don’t ever think it’s too late - it’s never too late. Text her. Call him. Forgive them. Anything you need to do, do it.


6. Don’t ever mistake someone taking advantage of you as a means of friendship. There are better people for you out there.


7. Don’t ever find yourself feeling like no one out there cares about. Her Campus cares about you, for starters, and there are so many others you might not even realize.


8. Don’t ever forget to take mental health seriously. Take that day off. Take that extra donut, if it means you’ll feel better and smile more tonight. Take your happiness seriously.


9. Don’t ever forget that you’re special. No one will ever laugh the way you do, talk about what you do, have the stories and memories that you do - you’re one of a kind.


10. Don’t ever feel like you need to do everything. You’re a human being, and sometimes, you need a little break.


11. Don’t ever forget about the power of music. Plug in those headphones and let the beats and lyrics inspire you.

12. Don’t ever wish you were someone else. You’re just what the world needs. You’re perfect in your own beautiful way. You are YOU.


13. Don’t ever forget to maintain self-respect. You want to impress others, right? You want to go above and beyond others’ expectations? But what about your own? Learn to regard yourself as strong, intelligent, and ready to accomplish anything.


14. Don’t ever think crying is a bad thing. Let those internal toxins out. It’s okay to feel down - that’s when you know your heart is ready for more.


15. Don’t ever forget to commit random act of kindness. They can go a long way, and you never know how one compliment, one joke, or one “How are you” can change someone’s day.

Good luck this year, collegiettes!