You Won’t Stay Sad Forever

Ah, winter. With it comes the start of second semester, hot chocolate, snow, fuzzy scarves, warm blankets, and...depression?

If you start to feel depressed or tired during the winter, you’re not broken. In fact, 10-20% of people experience this feeling, according to American Family Physicians. These winter blues are known as SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. It’s totally normal to feel low when temperatures begin to fall. However, there’s no reason to suffer with your symptoms.

Coping strategies are something used to get through difficult times in your life, when sometimes you just can’t pick yourself up. Not all skills work for everyone, but there are literally thousands of skills to choose from - it’s okay to not know what works for you.

To try to help any of you who may be feeling low this season, I’ve created a list of skills specifically for college students to hopefully help you get out of your winter funk. Don’t worry: I promise you’ll get through!


1. Color


2. Read


3. Bake


4. Talk to a loved one


5. Cry


6. Explore your campus


7. Take a nap

8. Take a walk

9. Hang out with friends


10. Find a new place on campus to spend time or study


11. Plan a game night


12. Do your makeup


13. Exercise

14. Go to an on-campus event


15. Find things to look forward to


16. Do crafts



17. Go (window) shopping



18. Explore new hobbies



19. Journal your feelings


20. Remind yourself that it’s only temporary


I know there are only 20 skills listed here, but there are tons of resources for more if these don’t work. Even just googling “coping skills” will provide you with more than you could ever think of.

Don’t let winter bring you down, collegiettes. Just remember that you’re strong, powerful, and independent - you’ve got this!