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Why Everyone With a Vagina Should Visit The Labia Library

If you have no interest in talking about vaginas today, this article may not be for you. 


Now, those of you who agree that female anatomy is not a taboo subject are here, let’s get some things sorted out.


Across many social media platforms, there has been a whirlwind of debate on which shape of the labia is better: the “innie” or the “outie.”


If you have no idea what an outie is, you’re probably only familiar with innies.


Think of an innie much like you would a belly button, everything is tucked inside. That’s all there is to it – the inner labia is tucked inside the outer labia. The outie is the exact opposite, where the outer labia is shorter than that of the inner labia, so the inner labia rests outside the outer labia. 



The debate on which is “better” has not been mindful of those with vaginas. For example, videos and pictures of women across the internet have been magnified by various accounts and body shamed for their “abnormal” or “bulky” bikini area. 


Not only is this cyberbullying hurtful for the individual, but it is an unrealistic picture for young women. This trend has caused many women to question the normalcy of their own bodies, without understanding how to define “normal.”


I’m here to tell you, there is no uniform shape or size for any labia


You should not be shy or embarrassed if you have questions about your own anatomy, and there is an excellent resource I’d like to share with you if you have questions.


Let’s talk about The Labia Library.


The Labia Library is an educational website that shows a variety of healthy vaginas, gives advice on how to keep everything clean, and destigmatizes “abnormal-looking” vaginas.  


Yes – there are actual pictures of labias on their website. You can opt out of seeing them, but if you are interested, they offer diverse images of both innies and outies, shaved or unshaved, with different colors, shapes and sizes. They have a frontal view and a bottom view in an effort to normalize the many unique features of the female body.


They make sure to mention that if there are no images present that resemble your body, that doesn’t mean you aren’t normal. 


Besides pictures, they present some fun facts about labias and vaginal care, as well as helpful advice for anyone with a vagina. Within their advice column, they list a plethora of resources for anyone who wants additional reliable information. 


Now, let’s continue to squash the idea that any labia is preferred.


Let’s educate and discuss innies and outies rather than debate preferences. Encourage each other’s bodies, it’s free!


The media can be full of misleading expectations for the female body, and it’s vital to understand that there’s no universal standard for the shape of the labia. Everyone is different, and The Labia Library illustrates just that. 


At the end of the day, if you’re still worried about the health of your vagina, pay a visit to your gynecologist. Your health is the main priority, not the appearance of your labia. 


Check out The Labia Library for more information.


Alyssa is a Junior at Penn State University studying Psychology with a focus on life science. For the past few years she has been volunteering with her high school's competitive marching band and winter guard team as their color guard tech. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys hiking, making a spotify playlist for every occasion, and binging 80s movies on Netflix.
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