Why Do Girls Wear Makeup? The Answer is Simple.

I’m sure we’ve all rolled our eyes at the statement, “Girls wear makeup to look good for guys.” Why, though, would we wear it for the people who can’t even differentiate between mascara and foundation?

So, who do we wear it for then?

OURSELVES. Cue applause.

As hard as it may be to hear, society, we girls like to feel good, too. Makeup is a form of expression, just like clothes, shoes and tattoos. Why, then, are we made to feel like inadequate beings, simply for showing the world our personalities?

Good question…

Many girls engage in the process of applying makeup because it’s actually really fun. It’s a way to fit some “me time” into a busy schedule. Life can be so chaotic with work, school, etc. etc. etc. Having said that, it’s imperative that a person has some time devoted to her, and only her. Notably, girls can actually look forward to a daily makeup routine, which can have positive effects on mental health. When you look good, the soul feels good.

Makeup is a true art form; it sounds cliché, but it’s true. It takes major practice to get skilled with certain application techniques. When a girl masters something, then, like evenly winging her eyeliner, she’s proud. She wants to show it off, to show the world that she’s a makeup connoisseur, a true dime, inside and out. Nothing can stop her; watch out, patriarchy.

Now, I’m not saying that girls have to wear makeup; it’s totally up to the individual. Whatever you want to do is perfectly fine. It’s your life! Ultimately, someone will always have something negative to say, no matter what you do. That’s why you might as well just be who you want!

Whether you work the Gram with a #nomakeup selfie or take the #fullglam route, you do you, girl.

The world is yours.