Trendy Outfits For PSU Tailgates

There’s only so many different things you can wear to a Penn State football game. I always find myself on every game morning freaking out about what to wear, so here are some ways to spice up your outfits and feel like you aren’t dressing the same for every game:


1. Toddler shirts

Lots of people (including myself) buy toddler shirts and make them into crop tops. It’s an easy and quick way to make a cute outfit without cutting up a shirt; it’s cropped already and they're all super cute! 


2. Non-PSU clothes

Another way to change up your outfit and make it more trendy is by not wearing Penn State clothes. It’s nice to go to a school where the colors are blue and white because everybody owns the colors! You can easily wear blue jeans and a white cropped top and make it look different and trendy.  You'll also save money by not having to buy Penn State gear!


3. Be creative

Next time you go shopping, look out for blue and white clothes; you can find lots of things that are blue and white without realizing! At Urban Outfitters, they have a lot of funky stuff like blue and white button downs and camo pants! They might be pricey, but you can wear them for game days and for regular outfits too. You’ll get more use out of clothes if you start buying more blue and white!


4. White on white

For whiteouts, everyone wears jeans and a white top - but why not wear all white? If it’s a rainy day, I wouldn’t recommend this because you don’t want to be that person that gets mud all over their new jeans; but if it’s a sunny day, take advantage! Everyone has white jeans, so get some use out of them! 


5. Get colorful

Another great idea to change it up is to not wear blue and white. Clothing stores sell Penn State shirts in all different colors, so why not rep Penn State but without wearing blue and white? You’ll stand out and definitely won’t be matching with many people.


6. Overalls

Overalls are such a move when it comes to game day. They're very trendy right now, and you can make so many outfits out of them. White overalls, blue overalls, striped overalls - you can find so many at any store for a cheap price.


Hopefully these tips and tricks help spice up your game day wardrobe, collegiettes!