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Things I can’t wait to do during Thanksgiving break

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

The holiday season is officially upon us, which means it’s time for a much-needed break from this school year’s first semester.

As an out-of-state freshman in Happy Valley, I’ve been adjusting to my new life as a Pennsylvania resident who can’t easily visit home. Although my hometown in Northern Virginia is only 3-4 hours away, the rural location of State College makes it difficult to find a bus home.

Long story short, I have yet to visit home this semester, and I’m counting down the days until I return. Here are a few things that I’ve been excited to do the second I get back home.

Pet my cats

Everyone who has pets can understand this one. Saying goodbye to your animals is always the hardest, because they don’t know why you’re leaving.

My family knows why I haven’t been home, but for all my cats know, I’ve ran away and will never be seen again. As excited as I am to see my parents and sisters, as soon as I set foot in my home, I’m running to pet my cats.

After all, its not like I can text them life updates while at college.

Shower normally

As a freshman living in the dorms, a shower caddy and shower shoes are non-negotiable dorm life staples. But as cute as it is to see everyone walking around the halls with their shoes and caddies, I can’t wait to bathe in my own home for a change. Showering gear-free will feel like a true luxury.

I also encourage everyone to take a nice bubble bath this Thanksgiving break. Run the hot water, light a candle, put on a face mask and enjoy the magnificence of a bath at home.

Blast music on the drive to Wawa with my friends

This is a formal petition for downtown State College to open a Wawa. They’re all over the east coast anyway. I have been craving a Wawa sandwich, with a side of mac and cheese and a milkshake, for weeks.

Wawa trips with friends are unmatched – especially when it’s nighttime and there’s something juicy to talk about. Debriefing our semesters in the Wawa parking lot will definitely be a highlight.

Eat brunch with my boyfriend

Any of my fellow long distance girls understand the excitement to reunite with your partner and eat at your favorite spots. I’ll be devouring a caprese sandwich, specifically from De Clieu Coffee & Sandwich. If you’re from NoVA, you have to try it.

Get takeout and watch a comfort movie with my family

As much as I enjoy the dining hall, I’m so excited to grab takeout from my favorite restaurants at home. Eerkin’s Uighur Cuisine or Kob Kun Fine Thai Cuisine are particularly calling my name. Plus, eating on the couch just hits different.

Reuniting with my family and couch and playing a movie will be so relaxing. A family favorite of ours is the original “How to Train Your Dragon” or “The Princess Diaries.”

SPEND all my money at Georgetown

If you’re from the NoVA/D.C. area, you know Georgetown days are the best days. The town is beautiful and has the best shopping options.

Brandy Melville, Sephora, Aerie, Glossier and Urban Outfitters are just a few. My wallet is fearful.

Have a winter-themed sleepover with my best friend

TikTok has been flooded with fun winter activity ideas lately, and my best friend and I can’t get enough. We’re planning to get into the holiday spirit with our own winter-themed sleepover – complete with matching reindeer pajamas, Mariah Carey on repeat, DIY Christmas cookies and a holiday movie.

Thanksgiving break is a time to relax, reunite and enjoy all the little things about being home. Stay thankful!

Alicia is a first-year student who is so excited to be joining Her Campus @ PSU! She is majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in digital media & analytics. Other than writing, Alicia loves all things fashion & beauty, painting, journaling, swimming, hanging out with her cats, and of course socializing. She thanks you for taking the time to read her articles!