Read This On Your Bad Days

Everyone has bad days. It is part of life. But even the worst days can become positive ones. Despite all the bad things, I am sure at least one good thing has happened. Maybe you ate something delicious, or laughed with a friend. Sometimes the smallest positive things are the best ones - for example the smell of an apple pie and the sound of the rain. When you are having a bad day, remember those small things and try to smile. If nothing positive has happened yet, hopefully this article will make you feel better.

  1. 1. You are beautiful.

  2. 2. There are many people who love you.

  3. 3. It's okay to have bad days. Everyone does.

  4. 4. You are important. That includes your feelings too. 

  5. 5. You are not alone. 

  6. 6. Good things are just around the corner. 

  7. 7. Don't forget to smile!

  8. 8. Even if it doesn't feel that way, everything is going to be okay in the end. 

Whenever you are having a bad day, remember that you are an amazing person and you don't deserve to be sad. So once you finish reading this article, do something that makes you happy. Maybe take a long hot shower, or watch a funny tv show. Call a friend, or order something to eat. Turn this negative day into a day where you did at least one good thing for yourself. Believe me; you deserve it.