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PSU vs. IU: 5 Reasons Why PSU’s Blue-White Game Beats IU’s Little 500 Any Day

Football season is closer than you may think for Happy Valley students. Even if there isn’t a clear rivalry between Penn State and Indiana University, there is about to be one. This coming fall we will see who reins as champion on the football field, but until then, we always know nothing compares to PSU’s Blue & White weekend — especially a bike race. Here’s why:


1. Tailgate clothing.

This gives PSU students time to celebrate football again after a long winter. The weather finally gets warmer and that gives us an excuse to wear the best tailgating looks. Just check out our article about it! I mean, what do people even wear to a bike race?


2. The Penn State pride.

Alumni, families and visitors come from all over to State College during Blue & White weekend; not just to party, but for the traditions, for the game and for the pride of Penn State.


3. The food.

Free tailgating is food is BACK, who wouldn’t be excited about that?


4. Bar life.

If you graduated from Penn State and don’t come back for Blue & White weekend, you are doing post-graduation SO wrong. This is the weekend when everyone reunites with their best friends — which makes going to the bars all the more fun.


5. Downtown.

Walking downtown during Blue & White weekend takes you back to the fall all over again. The warm weather, parents, families and music all along College Ave. makes the atmosphere like no other.


No other BIG Ten university has pride like Penn State; not even a Midwest university with a chance to party over a bike race. Don’t agree? Check out IU’s response! 

Jacqueline Napolitano is currently a sophomore at Penn State University. She is majoring in Journalism and minoring in psychology. She is the head editor to Her Campus Penn State and is loving every second editing articles for the talented writers of Penn State. Her love for everything Buzzfeed and other relatable blogs is what made her want to get in on the action of Her Campus in the fall of 2015. Her experience includes being the Triangle Correspondent for her sorority's magazine, an editorial director for an upcoming book and being the Opinions and Editorial editor for her high school paper. Jacqueline enjoys binge watching every Netflix show from one tree hill to orange is the new black and can recite every episode of friends imagined. She hopes to gain experience in the Public Relations side of Her Campus as well as the writing side. She plans on working in Public Relations or digital journalism for a full time career.
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