6 Tailgate Looks: Blue & White Weekend Edition

It’s the time of the year, when it’s winding down to the end of the spring semester and everyone is getting ready for the festivities of Blue and White Weekend at Penn State. Although the spring practice game can be fun and is completely free of admission, there is still the fact that one of our favorite activities are back: tailgates.


We all miss those warm days in the summer and those cool nights into the fall, where we would gather at someone’s tent and sing together, celebrating our team. Once football season is over, it really seems like the fun outside stops. But now, it’s back and as is tradition, there are certain looks that a girl can go for. So, let’s take a look, huh?


1. The Crop Top

This is obviously a fairly simple thing to do. Just take a Penn State shirt and cut it in half. Pair it with some cute paw stickers and you got a pretty cute tailgating outfit.


2. The Beaded Shirt and Shorts

If you’re looking for something a little more complex, here’s an idea. Take a regular shirt, cut the bottom up into multiple strands, and bead it. It’s not quite a crop top, but it’s still really cute. The weekend calls for nice weather, so shorts are a possibility too.


3. The “Hipster” Look

This is the person who wants to look cute but not have a million things sticking out, and this outfit is for you. Just a PSU shirt and some overalls, or maybe a skirt, can look amazingly adorable, as well as keep your modesty if you want to.


4. Those T-Shirt Dresses

This is personally my favorite. I’ve worn this to countless tailgates and the result is always the same, comfort and fun. Just buy and oversized t-shirt and you’re already ready for the game. Just make sure to cover yourself up on the bottom with some booty shorts or something. Don’t need boys getting a sneak preview so quick.


5. The Simple and Comfy

When it comes down to it, you don’t have to make a really cute outfit to be a true Penn State Fan. Just dressing up in a t-shirt and shorts is enough and you’re part of the family. I know I’ve done that as well too, because on those cold nights in November, no one wants to be in a freezing crop top.


6. The Cut-Off Shoulder

God knows I’ve done this too. Simple and sweet, just cut off a bit more of one of your shirts, and instantly your shirt is super cute, nice and quick.


Happy tailgating, collegiettes!

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