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There is something so amazing about listening to an album for the first time, there’s a rush of emotions. My mind is clear, the only thing I can process through my head is the new lyrics. There are some albums that have really stuck with me over the years. They are the ones that I can listen to time and time again and find something new to love every time. 


Out of all of the music I listen to, these are my go-to albums. The songs in these albums are my driving anthems, my walking to class favorites and everything in between. I could probably sing every song word-for-word and in the correct order.

BEYONCÉ by Beyoncé
ANTI by Rihanna 
Blonde by Frank Ocean
Ctrl by SZA 
ye by Kanye West
LEMONADE by Beyoncé

I am a firm believer that a song finds you when you need to hear it the most. Music has the power to take you back to a time in your life. Even if the lyrics of the song don’t exactly match what you are going through, the song can make you think about the person you used to be. 


For me, I associate each of these albums with a different point in my life. I am the type of person to always listen to albums fully through,  I’ll play the album instead of a playlist. There were points of my life where I strictly listened to one of these albums and years later, I love to listen to them again. I love to see how much I’ve grown and how different I am since the first time I heard it. 

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