Midterm Season As Told By Kanye West

Ah, our beloved Kanye Omari West; he’s one of the most dynamic artists out there. You might be listening to “The College Dropout” or “Yeezus” right now as you’re studying in the HUB for your midterm exams. Well as long as you’re on a study break, you might as well take a look at some of Mr. West’s most iconic moments that perfectly describe how you’re feeling right now.


1. When two of your professors schedule two exams in the same day


2. When the Quizlet you used had none of the information that was on the exam


3. When your professor doesn’t give out a study guide


4. When you get a good grade on an exam but, you studied for it an hour before you took it


5. When your study buddy has to tell you to be more optimistic about how the exam will be


6. When you literally have zero time to eat or sleep because school is taking over your life


7. Walking out of your last midterm like:

I sincerely hope that these iconic sayings from King Kanye bring you good luck in your upcoming exam, paper or presentation.